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New Ways To Learn

2. The emergence of new learning

The case examples collected here illustrate the emergence of new ways to learn, as well as some of the practical barriers experienced by individuals and institutions.

case study: Netherhall School


In schools, individual projects such as The Netherhall School are using IT to improve the way children learn. Such projects are obtaining remarkable results in ways that are gaining national and even international attention.




Further education

In further education, many colleges lack the resources to go beyond the basic use of IT for coursework. However, the University for Industry (UfI) is carrying out an imaginative initiative to provide radically new ways of offering lifelong learning. If the current UfI pilot in Sunderland is successful, the concept will be implemented nationwide.

case study: Further Education college case study: University for Industry

Lifelong learners

The current generation of lifelong learners has had to overcome considerable barriers to succeed. Successful lifelong learners tend to be exceptional individuals.

case study: Caroline case study: Anne



case study: Huddersfield

Community initiatives

Throughout the UK and worldwide, community-based initiatives are finding new ways to provide basic

skills and access to technology, often through self-help and skill sharing. The Huddersfield project is one example targeted specifically at groups which are under-represented in conventional education.




case study: US

Global development

Examples of the changes noted here can be found worldwide. Different countries are proceeding at different rates: the US is particularly advanced, not least because of the wide availability and low cost of the Internet.






Commercial organisations are finding new solutions to the problems of lifelong learning, which is proving a necessity to keep skills up to date, despite the fact that individuals are finding it harder to spend time away from work to learn. Not surprisingly, companies in the technology, telecommunications and media sectors are at the forefront. Organisations such as Cisco, Microsoft and the BBC are all pioneering innovative solutions to their own training problems, which they are also making available to others.

case study: bbc research: Online training solves retail business needs



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Section: 2 - The emergence of new learning

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