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Creating the Future


Illuminating today's choices

Digital technology is changing the way things are done, in every area of work and life.

Creating the Future is a series of papers that explored the issues raised, in business, education and society.

Scenarios are not predictions, but illustrations of the way things might be. They project the consequences of today's choices into the future. Seeing the consequences graphically illustrated may lead us to change the choices we make in the present.

The scenarios presented here use techniques such as storytelling and illustration to show possible futures. The scenarios are imaginative constructions, but they are based on specific assumptions and hypotheses derived from current trends. These are neither utopias nor nightmares, but possibilities on which everyone can make their own judgement.


Tablet Journalism

Tablet Journalism is an early twenty-first century view of the electronic newspaper.

The Future for interactive TV

Not futurology this time, but a project in the here and now which Mediation Technology participated in: this paper was presented at the iTV96 conference in Edinburgh.

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