December 2001

Taking the initiative

Times of change are when new companies come to the fore, and new reputations are won. In industry after industry, commercial dinosaurs are giving way to new species, better adapted to the current climate.

Consider the rhinoceros… tough hide, able to take whatever is thrown at it, and willing to defend its territory against all comers. But technically equipped to probe new areas, with a surprising turn of speed - and not afraid to charge when the occasion demands it. Toughness, strength and a touch of opportunism is the genetic code for success in today's economic conditions. Winning means taking the initiative.

Beyond the dot

Dot.coms showed how not to do it. The Internet created some genuinely new opportunities. But most dot.coms were fair weather species, unable to survive when things got tough. Mostly, they lacked business experience.

But if dot.coms failed, the giant corporate beasts that used to dominate the landscape are struggling, too. Many are being broken up; others are close to collapse. Dinosaurs evolved to do one thing well, and to dominate through size or aggression. When the world changed, they were unable to adapt. Big companies, too, need new skills and new approaches to survive in a changed climate.

Mobilising the best

To succeed, a business now needs the best of everything, without paying the earth. Few companies, of whatever size, have all the skills and resources they need internally to deal with changing conditions.

Fortunately, technology has made it possible to obtain the best - whatever size you are. Big companies used to have the best of everything, locked up within their boundaries. Now, the best is available to anyone who wants it, and is often directly accessible through online communications. Success comes to those who take the initiative.


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