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The View from the Fen archives contain a selection from our regular online column giving a perspective on the digital revolution...

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Creating the Future

A selection of scenarios, written during the 1990s. Creating the Future archive


Lifelong Learning

Over the years Mediation Technology were involved in many education and community projects; here is a short selection from our archived reports, presentations etc.

New ways to Learn

This Web Report brings together several elements:

to ask whether a systematic change is taking place in the way people learn, arising from the use of information and communication technology (ICT). If so, are there common patterns that can be observed? What conclusions can be drawn, and what recommendations for action follow?

Technology,Networks & CommunityCreating the Future archive

Notes to accompany presentation slides from seminar given at Anglia Polytechnic University for Cambridge City Council

Constructing Caring eCommunitiesConstructing Caring eCommunities

Presentation slides: Women on the Web conference, University of Huddersfield

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