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Transport gets connected

Transport is one of the key issues in the modern world, and one of the hardest to tackle by conventional means. But technology is creating new ways to solve a problem that otherwise threatens to spiral out of control. Click to read articlego to


August 2005

TV changes direction

New forms of television are evolving, that place viewers in the director's chair, change what broadcasters do, and provide new ways of delivering what used to come over the air. The coverage of key events in the summer of 2005 gives a glimpse of the future, as TV responds to the challenge of the Web. Click to read articlego to

June 2005

The world in your pocket

A world in which a majority of the population - not just in developed countries, but everywhere - has a mobile or portable electronic device now looks possible. In fact, it is beginning to seem inevitable. The effect will be profound, as mobiles - offering both phone calls, and data services such as text messaging and the Internet - reach parts that wired phones and the wired Internet have until now failed to penetrate. Click to read articlego to

March 2005

Reinventing the telephone

The humble telephone is re-emerging as a new kind of device that can perform a bewildering range of digital tricks. Over the next decade, phones will change more than they have for the past hundred years. Click to read articlego to

January 2005

Responding to the wave

Digital media, from the Internet and electronic news gathering to text messaging, have been pressed into service to respond to the appalling tragedy of the Asian tsunami. This has made possible an unprecedented response which has brought together people from around the world - and demonstrated what converged media and communications can do to change the way things are done. Click to read articlego to

December 2004

What's Next?

While the issue of 'security' has been dominating the news agenda, what else has been happening? 2004 saw some key developments whose impact will be felt for decades to come. So what's next for 2005?

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October 2004

The Digital Race

The heady dreams of the dot.com era have been replaced by a digital race for survival, as more and more industries are caught up in the whirlpool of new buying habits and new ways of doing things. The recent woes of organisations including WHSmith, Marks & Spencer, Sainsburys and Boots illustrate the problems facing all organisations, as digital technology is changing patterns of behaviour that have been stable for decades, and on which entire businesses have been based... Click to read articlego to

August 2004

Music After iTunes

With the recent - and much anticipated - European launch of Apple's iTunes Music Store, digital music has finally come of age. The Music Store sold some 450,000 downloads in its first week in the UK, after a hugely successful debut in the US. Worldwide, the Music Store recently clocked up its 100,000,000th download. Has Apple found the formula for success - and is this the shape of things to come, not just in the music business?
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June 2004

Broadband for All

BT recently announced the 'near universal' availability of broadband by mid-2005. Prices have been cut significantly, and new competitors have entered the market. Is 'broadband for all' now inevitable, and what will be the consequences?

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April 2004

Paying by mobile: from fantasy to reality

The idea that goods and services can be paid for by mobile is becoming a reality, with practical solutions emerging to deliver what was once a future fantasy.

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March 2004

Interaction with Everything

Interaction is fast becoming an accepted part of all media productions. How can you add 'instant' interactivity to productions - at minimal cost?

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January 2004

Vote anyway you like...

...for Harry Potter, Delia — or Paul Burrell

Interactive voting makes everyone a judge for WHSmith Book Awards

Our unique interactive voting technology – combining text, online, libraries etc – means that everyone can vote for their favourite book of the past year...

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December 2003

A year of permanent change

War and politics have dominated the headlines in 2003. But away from the spotlight, other changes have been taking place that will continue to have a permanent effect on our daily lives, even when present conflicts are only remembered in the history books.

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October 2003

Will mobiles replace credit cards?

Credit cards have already replaced cheque books as the primary means of making non-cash payments. But a growing number of people see both plastic cards and cash being replaced, in time, by something else: the mobile phone.

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September 2003

The Radio Revival

Radio, once thought to have been superseded by its more glamorous cousin TV, is undergoing a renaissance. Is this one of the more surprising results of digital technology, which is tearing up the media landscape and reinventing the rules of communication?

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August 2003

Government: ICT Literacy is 'as important as reading and writing'

In its new Skills Strategy, the UK government has announced that 'ICT Literacy' (expertise in information and communications technology) is a 'third basic skill', as important as reading and writing and being able to add up, both for work and for social life.
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July 2003

Mobiles will be 'bigger than oil'

A report just issued by the Yankee Group estimates that subscriber revenues from wireless services will grow by 51% to $584 billion by 2007 - similar in value to worldwide crude oil production. If these figures are correct, before the end of the decade the mobile industry will overtake oil in its importance to the global economy

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June 2003

Text vs 3G

O2 has slashed £6 billion from the estimated value of its 3G next-generation cellular licences. So was it all hype? But meanwhile text goes from strength to strength.

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May 2003

Bits and Pieces: the music revolution

With the launch of Apple's new music download service, are computer companies becoming the new music publishers?
Is it all over for CDs?

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March 2003

Digital Routine

Digital technology was supposed to transform the world. What happened?

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February 2003

Text and war: making it real

How can text messaging allow thousands of ordinary people to have their say on war in Iraq?

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January 2003

A year of action

Action speaks louder than words. All the signs are that 2003 will be a year of action, following the 'wait and see' attitude of 2002...


December 2002

Getting Personal - the future, as predicted

Can you predict the future? Yes, as it happens. Here’s how... Click for more...

November 2002

Text messaging overtakes email

Research just released indicates that more people in Europe use SMS text messaging than email. The use of text has increased almost 50% in the past year, while Internet use remains static.Click for more...

October 2002

New Ways to Give

How can you make a genuine difference by donating the grand sum of 50p...and be entertained at the same time?Click for more...


September 2002

The Power of Text


What can be used for everything from flirting and football games to a vote on capital punishment? Text can.Click for more...

August 2002

Playing a Team Game: Can they pass the ball?

Is the mobile industry capable of playing a team game... or are they so determined to keep possession that no-one will ever pass the ball?Click for more...

July 2002

Mobile shame

Is the mobile industry hanging its head in shame? It should do - at least, those parts of it who have the cheek to call themselves "operators". Click for more...


May 2002

Trust in the online world

Does the Internet destroy trust? Baroness O'Neill, the BBC's 2002 Reith lecturer, seems to think so. Those of us who actually work in digital media may disagreeClick for more...

April 2002

Telecoms: the three-in-a bed dilemma

To create new applications that will excite and interest users, telecoms operators need to get intimate with third parties who have new skills and new expertise. Few are yet up to the challenge; those who learn the trick will emerge as winners from the global consolidation of the telecoms industry.Click for more...

March 2002

i-mode comes to Europe

The long-awaited debut of Japan's i-mode mobile multimedia service in Europe will shortly be a reality.Click for more...

February 2002

What's a message worth?

With more than 12 billion SMS messages sent in the UK last year, text messaging is no longer just a teenage fad: it is becoming a serious business. But as the industry matures, the thorny question of pricing raises its head. Is the era of 'cheap SMS' is at an end. And what is a message worth?Click for more...

January 2002

2002: The Year of Mobile

2002, we predict, will be the year in which mobile communications emerges as the dominant force in telecommunications - and the force which, over the next decade, will shape the entire information industry. Here's why.Click for more...


December 2001

Taking the initiative

In times of change, new species evolve to take up the opportunities offered by changing conditions. Enter - the rhinoceros?Click for more...

November 2001

Living with uncertainty

Uncertainty seems to have become a way of life. What is the best way to survive in uncertain times?Click for more...


October 2001

Responding to terror

After September 11th, the world no longer looks the same. What can we do to pickup the pieces?Click for more...


September 2001

E-business: wake up, the honeymoon is over...

What has happened to e-business, which started in a blaze of glory?Click for more...

August 2001

Telecommunications: Rout or Restructuring?Click for more...

July 2001

e-government: what's it all about?Click for more...


May 2001

e-commerce: a multitude of spins....Click for more...


April 2001

What's i-mode doing right?Click for more...




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